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Life of the BSU

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A member of the United Bible Societies, the Bible Society of Uzbekistan, operates to provide the essential religious literature to Christian religious organizations, as stipulated in the Society's Charter. 

The Bible Society of Uzbekistan strives to conduct its activity in full compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

The Bible Society of Uzbekistan imports and publishes religious literature, common to all Christian denominations; it also assists different groups to obtain denomination-specific religious literature, as needed.


Naturally, the Bible and its components are the main types of the imported religious literature.  Thousands of copies of the Bible and individual books of the Bible, in the Russian language as well as in many European and Asian languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and others, were imported into the Republic of Uzbekistan during the Bible Society's period of operation.  Thus, both the citizens of Uzbekistan and the citizens of other countries, living and working in the Republic of Uzbekistan, have the opportunity to study the Bible in their native languages. 

All of this positive activity of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan is only marred by one thing – false statements made by some “organizations” or “individuals” taking advantage of the permissiveness of the web, claiming that “using the Bible is forbidden in Uzbekistan.” 

The Bible is a true treasure of the world's legacy; claims that it could be forbidden in a particular country are ravings of a seriously ill individual.  If this were true, even in part, then, according to this “scenario”, not only using the Bible, but the very operation of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan would have been forbidden. 

Prolific operation of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan, periodic imports of religious literature, future plans and prospectives to publish such literature locally and the launch of the Society's website (by the way, the latter was previously neglected) serve as evidence that  the Republic of Uzbekistan, as a member of the international community, provides for all the rights of believers, and that there are open possibilities for full-fledged religious activity of   organizations, affiliated with 16 different religious denominations. 

General Director of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan

Halmat Uglamovich Ashirov


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