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Byron (1788-1824) - poet of the 19th century. "According to contemporary accounts, few were so well read in the Holy Books, like Byron, the poet, and almost did not pass a single day without having to read it is not this or that section of the small pocket Bible which has always been with him ...

The Bible is constantly lying on his desk. "And after the death of this brilliant and deeply felt the poet, in his Bible, he found there made his own the following lines: "In this Holy Book - the secret of all secrets. Oh, happy among mortals are those whom God has given grace to listen, read, say a prayer, and reverently take the words of this Book! Blessed are those who are able to open the doors of the Bible and determined to follow her path. But it would be better never to be born to people who read it only with a view to doubt and disparage it "(L. Pestaloz. 31).

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