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Victor Hugo

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Victor Hugo - (1802-1885) - poet. Remembering a welcome sense of an incident from his childhood indicates that the reading of sacred books, not only to adults but to children has a beneficial effect, delivering them with high spiritual enjoyment:


We had three brothers: I - Junior. We play

Once assembled. We let go of her mother.

Go, - he says - but mind you do not naughty!

The garden does not pick flowers, not to climb the stairs!                                         

And we are on the stairs immediately to the attic.

Trudnenko was us, but somehow vzlezli;

Between the different utensils stood there a huge cupboard ...

Lo and behold: the book cupboard is on the community by the dark,

Blackens cover. We pulled hard

That book. It was a big heavy volume.

Revealed: a smell of incense, the temple of God,

And how much joy! Pictures a lot, a lot!

We sat in the corner - and even to play!

Let's consider and somehow managed to read!

A book, meanwhile, as the six steps

We have all three, was on his knees.

We carried away a long time reading then

And then each day we pulled in there.

That the Bible was. Otherwise it is not clear

It seemed to us, but it smelled so nice!

And more, more all the childish soul

Delve into the story of the saint was to us in the habit

With that feeling, as if a hand

We gently stroked the feathers of the bird of God. "



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