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Charles Dana


Charles Dana, an American artist and illustrator: "This ancient book is indestructible. And this is our land, the more we turn over its pages and learn its secrets, the more it confirms and illustrates the pages of scripture. "



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Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist, mathematician and astronomer, one of the founders of classical physics: "The Bible contains more signs of reliability than the whole of secular history."

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Byron (1788-1824) - poet of the 19th century. "According to contemporary accounts, few were so well read in the Holy Books, like Byron, the poet, and almost did not pass a single day without having to read it is not this or that section of the small pocket Bible which has always been with him ...

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Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo - (1802-1885) - poet. Remembering a welcome sense of an incident from his childhood indicates that the reading of sacred books, not only to adults but to children has a beneficial effect, delivering them with high spiritual enjoyment:

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V.G. Belinsky - (1811-1848) - Russian critic. With special attention applied to the gospel, believed it "the best book that says everything you need to know the man." "There is a book that - he said - which says it all, everything has been decided, after which nothing is no doubt, the book is immortal, holy book, the book of eternal truth, eternal life - the Gospel."

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I.S. Nikitin

I.S. Nikitin, a Russian poet: "Haggard austere life, not once found myself in the Eternal Word of verbs of rest and a source of strength."

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N. I. Pirogov

N. I. Pirogov, a Russian surgeon and anatomist, naturalist and teacher, correspondent member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences: "I needed an abstract, unattainable ideal of the highest faith. And started for the gospel, which I never used to read, and I was already 38 years old - I have found for myself that ideal. "

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V.E. Gladstone

Gladstone: "At one time I knew ninety-five prominent people in the world, and eighty-seven of them were followers of the Bible. The Bible is distinguished by its origin and an immeasurable distance separates it from other books. "

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George Washington

George Washington, 1st U.S. president: "It is impossible to properly govern the world without God and the Bible."

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