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The Bible is most – publishing book in a world.

Daily edition of Bible is 32876 copies, it means that every second in world publishing one Bible. Distribution of the Bible in this century has reached astonishing scale. Statistics, of course, counted not only the total number of books the Bible and New Testament separately, and various rare editions. Indeed, in some dialects spoken by only a few tribes that were published in a single book of the Bible.

The Bible - is most translatable book in world (more than 2036 languages)

In our planet about 7 billion people speaking for more than 6900 languages.

2.508 languages are fully or partially translated the Bible.

At 459 languages - Complete Bible; at 1.213 languages - the New Testament, on 836 languages - Parts of Bible.

At 2552 languages – translation of Bible is not started yet; About 353 millions of people are never have read the Bible on their native language.

The Bible - the most widely read book. Demand is growing every year.


The Bible - is most popular book in the world.

In literary history there were many works that have become the world's best-sellers, who held an interest in for years. But time passed, and lost interest in them. And the Bible is without any advertising is popular for nearly 2,000 years, being today number 1 bestseller.

The Bible – is most easy to understanding regardless of education or social status.


Today there is no other book that would be read with equal interest and uneducated village woman, and capital academic. Bible can be read and understood without special training. And try not having special education, reading works on chemistry or physics to understand the intricacies of poetry, not to get lost in the sequence of events described in historical records and chronicles!


The Bible – is most varied  (in terms of genre).


The Bible - the largest in terms of the ever-existing and existing books.


The Bible – is most commented book in the world.


On the artistic, historical, philosophical and other works written comments, reviews, critique, which could exceed the volume of the book itself. If a book a lot of comments, this indicates that her appearance was of great interest. So, the Bible today is recognized as a book on which the greatest number of written comments. Only in the Oxford library collected by one the 1st message of St. John of so many works that occupy space in the 20 meters.


The Bible - the most expensive book in the world.


The largest amount ever paid for a manuscript has been given for the Codex Sinaiticus - one of the earliest lists of the Bible. It is a treasure that belonged to the Russian Imperial family, was sold by the Soviet government of Great Britain in 1923 for 510,000 dollars! (The proceeds were spent on food). Almost as experts estimate Ostrog Bible Russian of Ivan Fyodorov and Latin Vulgate German pioneer John Gutenberg.


In the same time Bible  - is cheapest book. No other book never had such a number of free copies.


The Bible - the most accurate book in the world. Today it is recognized as one of the oldest historical sources.


The Bible – is most prophetic book (about 3000).


The Bible - the largest by number of authors - 40: kings (Solomon and David) and shepherds (Amos), doctors (Luke) and fishermen (Peter and John), generals (Joshua) and chiefs (Moses) and many others.


The Bible - the longest time of writing - from the 15th century BC. up to a century birth of Christ., ie, over 1600 years!


The Bible - the most coherent and without any contradictions.


The Bible - the most persecuted book in the world - History does not know examples where for 2000 years against any book has been published state laws, offenders are punished to death.

Trying to contain the spread of Christianity, the Roman emperor Diocletian in 303 AD ordered to be put to death all who read and stored book of Sacred Scripture.

Differed little from those of Caesar-pagan ideological construction of the leaders of the French Revolution. The Government of the French Republic, proclaimed the kingdom of reason, declared war against "religious superstition", and in 1793 issued a decree on the burning of Bibles, which are found only in the state, and the exile and even execution of their respective owners, who do not wish to abandon their faith in God . The decree was acting for four years, but in the 1797-m the government was forced to cancel it due to the fact that the moral decline in society has reached incredible proportions.

In Hitler's Germany and the Soviet Union were banned many books for their storage, distribution and reading pursued. Books confiscated and destroyed, the authors were arrested and executed. But totalitarian regimes fell, and crashed all the bans.

The paradox of persecution of the Bible is that it not only forbade the opponents of Christianity, but also the official Christian church! For example, the Cathedral of Toulouse in 1229 banned on pain of death to read the Bible, a secular party. And five years later, in 1244, and the Terrakonsky church forbade the clergy to read the Bible! A typical example of the time: on the order of a Catholic bishop in the flames of a fire destroyed a circulation of Bibles for fear that, getting this book for the common people, the people would find that the official church departs from the Word of God. And then the Church would be deprived of its undivided and unjust power over the people, as, indeed, is what happened in the era of the Reformation.

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