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The interpretation of the concept of "Seed of Abraham" in Galatians 3:16


From the author:

This article was prepared for publication in the Biblical Studies section on the website of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan. Biblical Studies is a research division of Theology, in which sacred texts are studied using scientific methods and in accordance with scientific principles. Narrative Biblical Hermeneutics and the Bible is devoted to a search of the scientific principles for the interpretation of Scripture. The interpretation of texts is the practical application of scientific principles and Biblical studies is called exegesis. Despite the fact that the interpretation of the text using a scientific approach, it does not mean that the Bible is considered only as an artifact of antiquity, or simply as an object of study. Hermeneutical key to understanding this ancient books are the faith and recognition of the revelation of God in the Bible and the Bible.

I hope that this study will awaken interest in the Scriptures, many visitors to the site and provide an impetus for a serious approach to the study of this ancient book.


When reading the message of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians, many researchers question arises: what criteria guided the Apostle, in his message using the Old Testament? This is the main issue, which gives this study area.

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Biblical Studies

Bible study - a scientific discipline that studies the various aspects of Biblical Literature. As a separate discipline was formed in the era of the Reformation in order to promote the idea of Protestant «Sola scriptura», and since then has traditionally been present as a separate department practically in all universities in the Western world.

 Modern biblical studies centers are Germany, Great Britain, Israel, USA and Scandinavian countries. Nowadays, more and more important place in Biblical studies is Spain. Biblical studies are devoted to dozens of periodicals in English, German, Hebrew, French and other languages. Every year there are dozens of new books on Biblical studies. For all these innovations pursue the five most important directories: «Elenchus», «IZBG», «OTA» («Old Testament Abstracts»), «NTA» («New Testament Abstracts»), «TA» («Theological Abstracts»).

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